Monday, November 26, 2007

Hobbies And Your Aging Parent

If your parent is physically able to pursue their
hobby, please encourage them to do so.

My dear Mom was an avid crocheter. She did
exceptional work. Everyone thought so.

She continued to crochet up until just months
before she died at 95. It gave her immense
satisfaction. She was doing something she loved.

The mental benefits Mom received from her
beloved hobby were immeasurable. She got quite
a kick when people would commission her to do
a piece. And pay good money for her work!

Your parent could be getting the same joys from
their hobby. It gives validation when they make
money from something they've created.

We all need to feel validated. For the aging population,
I think it's even more important. Because their age
has caused them to give up so many other things.

Since we all complain that it's so hard to know what
to buy an older person (because they HAVE everything),
how about a Christmas gift that will put the spark back
into them?

In memory of my Mom, Dorothy...