Monday, December 27, 2010

Books On Tape: A Blessing For Our Sight Impaired Loved Ones!

Growing up, I learned to love books from my wonderful Mother. As her sight became impaired because of macular degeneration, she took up reading large-print books. My best memories to this day are finding her new titles from the library to devour.

Sadly, at the end of her life, she had a hard time reading her large print books. That's when she moved to books on tape. Another blessing. She still missed holding that "book" in her hands but at least she had the love of the words.

Don't overlook the library! It's a treasure trove. They have books on tape. You can go to most of their sites and download books to eReaders. You just need a library card.

Your loved one can and should always enjoy their love for reading. The banner on the right, for is one of the popular places to get audiobooks. Just click the picture to learn more...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Caregivers: Happy Holidays To All Parents And Their Children!

As we near Christmas Day, I just want to take this time to wish you all the warmest wishes for the season. I hope all your loved ones can be together. If not, hopefully you'll get a chance to talk with them.

There's nothing like family. Hug them, love them and cherish them. We never know how long we have on this earth. Make every moment count.

And for the New Year, I wish you all health, peace of mind and joyous love!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Slip and Falls: 'Tis The Season...Don't Let It Happen To Your Aging Parents!

Falling down is no fun. Little kids don't mind it. But we older ones know the damage that can be done. It can happen in a flash. We don't see the black ice. There's a light dusting of snow hiding a patch of ice. Bruised bones are bad enough. But broken bones can be life-threatening to our elders.

My mother hated to see winter. She knew she'd be more confined. She became so afraid after so many falls during her lifetime. I'm not elderly but I've had my share of bad falls on ice. Now I have traction grips for my boots. I cover everything in ice-melter. You could say I'm on high alert.

If your aging parents live with you or handy to you, it's easier to make sure sidewalks and driveways are properly maintained during the winter months. If they live by themselves, make sure they take precautions or arrange for someone to make sure the walkways are clear. And don't forget decking. Those are the absolute worse! I've done more splits on mine than I care to count. Pulled groin muscles are no fun either.

My mother had ice grips for her cane and it gave her so much more confidence in going outside in the winter. I'm almost tempted to start using a cane with ice-grips, myself! Like the one pictured here!

Duro-Med 5 Prong Ice Grip Cane/Crutch Attachment

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aging Parents: What To Get Them For Christmas When They Say They Don't Need Anything?

We know that the one thing our aging parents want for Christmas is for their family to all be together. During the holiday season, many of our elderly silently wonder to themselves, "Will this be my last Christmas?"

We want to make it special for them. If you live a long way from your parents and can't make it to be by their sides, make a special call. If you have a web cam, make use of that. Maybe arrange for your folks to be near one at an appointed time. They'd love to see your face.

If you live nearby, you can be right there to enjoy the warmth of the season with them. If they live with you as my mother did, you're cooking with gas! The companionship means more to them than anything you could give them.

With that said, we love to give Christmas presents. Even though they say they have everything they need, they usually forget about the items that can make their daily lives more comfortable.

Just the task of dressing can be frustrating and painful if you're afflicted with mobility problems. Now there are places online where you can buy adaptive clothing. (See banner above)

If your parent still lives in their own home, medical alert response aids are a life-saver. Literally. (See side banner)

If they're in a nursing home, there are always items that the home may not supply that can be welcomed. Anything from body lotions, lip balm, special pillows, throw, lights, etc. Just visiting with them, and putting yourself in their place, you'll come up with dozens of Christmas gift ideas!

And remember the most important thing to them is your love. Give them a big hug and kiss. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Heated Slippers: Cosy Soles Are The Original!

CosySoles - Heated Slippers for Cold Feet

Heated slippers are the nicest thing to buy anyone of any age. But especially older people are true-blue fans. My Mom always said, "When my feet are cold, I'm cold all over!"

So who can benefit from Cosy Soles heated slippers? Anyone with these problems...

*** Poor peripheral circulation, chronic cold feet

*** Skin disorders, viruses, abrasions, dry skin

*** Foot inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis

*** Tired feet and aches and pains

*** Insomnia, stress

CosySoles Slippers have proven successful in providing relief from the pain of cold feet caused by poor circulation due to . . .

*** Arthritis

*** Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

*** Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT)

*** Raynaud's

*** Scleroderma

*** Lupus

*** Diabetes

*** Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

*** Cerebral Palsy

*** Fybromyalgia

*** Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

*** and other peripheral neuropathies

CosySoles - Heated Slippers for Cold Feet

And get this...

Dr. Anne Wirz-Justice did a study that has shown that thermoregulation, the body's heat distribution process, is linked to sleep cycles. Redistributing body heat to the legs and feet can increase sleepiness and help initiate a more restful night’s sleep.

Researchers at the Sleep Laboratory in Switzerland, reported that the degree of blood vessel dilation of the hands and feet are the best predictors for rapid sleep onset. The dilation of blood vessels increases the amount of heat loss. The studies showed that the greater the heat loss, the longer time it took to fall asleep..

Many people who could not sleep because of the pain of cold feet actually wear their CosySoles to bed. We have received many testimonials to confirm the benefits of warm feet and hands!

To see what happy feet people have to say about their Cosy Soles heated slippers, click right here...

CosySoles - Heated Slippers for Cold Feet

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Caregiver: Seeing Your Aging Parent The Way They Were

Caregiving is one of the most demanding roles anyone can undertake. If you are performing as a caregiver now or you know you will be in the near future, there are some techniques you may find useful. The one thing that always helped me when I was feeling stressed or became impatient was this:

Remember your aging parent the way they were.

Before they grew old, they were young. Before their bodies and perhaps their minds turned against them, they were healthy, vibrant and vital. Remember this.

So many of us look at the elderly and see just what's in front of them now. Well, how did they get like this? They lived a long life. They weren't born looking and acting like they are now.

Get out picture albums. Hopefully you have photos from when they were babies, toddlers and growing up. This puts things in perspective! Remember what it was like to be a teenager? They had those same feelings too. They fell in love. They married. They had and loved you. They struggled, laughed and cried.

And on the way, they grew old. We should be grateful. Look at the people who've lost their parents when they were young. That's grief! Our parents don't like what aging has done to their bodies. Imagine what it must feel like. Now they need help.

So when we are frustrated with some detail or feel like caregiving is taking it's toll, go off by yourself for some quiet time and reflect. Think about the person they were before you ever came along.

The way they were...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seniors In Your Life? Creative Gifts They Really Need And Love Getting!

Silvert's is the place to shop if you are looking for the perfect gift for the senior on you list.

Find gifts for seniors that have everything! Silvert's offers a variety of gift options for the elderly or disabled. Check out Silvert's Gift Guide to help you find the right present at the right price.

And if you want to send a gift to your loved one? They offer gift wrapping and gift certificates.

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