Monday, December 27, 2010

Books On Tape: A Blessing For Our Sight Impaired Loved Ones!

Growing up, I learned to love books from my wonderful Mother. As her sight became impaired because of macular degeneration, she took up reading large-print books. My best memories to this day are finding her new titles from the library to devour.

Sadly, at the end of her life, she had a hard time reading her large print books. That's when she moved to books on tape. Another blessing. She still missed holding that "book" in her hands but at least she had the love of the words.

Don't overlook the library! It's a treasure trove. They have books on tape. You can go to most of their sites and download books to eReaders. You just need a library card.

Your loved one can and should always enjoy their love for reading. The banner on the right, for is one of the popular places to get audiobooks. Just click the picture to learn more...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Caregivers: Happy Holidays To All Parents And Their Children!

As we near Christmas Day, I just want to take this time to wish you all the warmest wishes for the season. I hope all your loved ones can be together. If not, hopefully you'll get a chance to talk with them.

There's nothing like family. Hug them, love them and cherish them. We never know how long we have on this earth. Make every moment count.

And for the New Year, I wish you all health, peace of mind and joyous love!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Slip and Falls: 'Tis The Season...Don't Let It Happen To Your Aging Parents!

Falling down is no fun. Little kids don't mind it. But we older ones know the damage that can be done. It can happen in a flash. We don't see the black ice. There's a light dusting of snow hiding a patch of ice. Bruised bones are bad enough. But broken bones can be life-threatening to our elders.

My mother hated to see winter. She knew she'd be more confined. She became so afraid after so many falls during her lifetime. I'm not elderly but I've had my share of bad falls on ice. Now I have traction grips for my boots. I cover everything in ice-melter. You could say I'm on high alert.

If your aging parents live with you or handy to you, it's easier to make sure sidewalks and driveways are properly maintained during the winter months. If they live by themselves, make sure they take precautions or arrange for someone to make sure the walkways are clear. And don't forget decking. Those are the absolute worse! I've done more splits on mine than I care to count. Pulled groin muscles are no fun either.

My mother had ice grips for her cane and it gave her so much more confidence in going outside in the winter. I'm almost tempted to start using a cane with ice-grips, myself! Like the one pictured here!

Duro-Med 5 Prong Ice Grip Cane/Crutch Attachment

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aging Parents: What To Get Them For Christmas When They Say They Don't Need Anything?

We know that the one thing our aging parents want for Christmas is for their family to all be together. During the holiday season, many of our elderly silently wonder to themselves, "Will this be my last Christmas?"

We want to make it special for them. If you live a long way from your parents and can't make it to be by their sides, make a special call. If you have a web cam, make use of that. Maybe arrange for your folks to be near one at an appointed time. They'd love to see your face.

If you live nearby, you can be right there to enjoy the warmth of the season with them. If they live with you as my mother did, you're cooking with gas! The companionship means more to them than anything you could give them.

With that said, we love to give Christmas presents. Even though they say they have everything they need, they usually forget about the items that can make their daily lives more comfortable.

Just the task of dressing can be frustrating and painful if you're afflicted with mobility problems. Now there are places online where you can buy adaptive clothing. (See banner above)

If your parent still lives in their own home, medical alert response aids are a life-saver. Literally. (See side banner)

If they're in a nursing home, there are always items that the home may not supply that can be welcomed. Anything from body lotions, lip balm, special pillows, throw, lights, etc. Just visiting with them, and putting yourself in their place, you'll come up with dozens of Christmas gift ideas!

And remember the most important thing to them is your love. Give them a big hug and kiss. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Heated Slippers: Cosy Soles Are The Original!

CosySoles - Heated Slippers for Cold Feet

Heated slippers are the nicest thing to buy anyone of any age. But especially older people are true-blue fans. My Mom always said, "When my feet are cold, I'm cold all over!"

So who can benefit from Cosy Soles heated slippers? Anyone with these problems...

*** Poor peripheral circulation, chronic cold feet

*** Skin disorders, viruses, abrasions, dry skin

*** Foot inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis

*** Tired feet and aches and pains

*** Insomnia, stress

CosySoles Slippers have proven successful in providing relief from the pain of cold feet caused by poor circulation due to . . .

*** Arthritis

*** Muscular Dystrophy (MD)

*** Charcot Marie Tooth (CMT)

*** Raynaud's

*** Scleroderma

*** Lupus

*** Diabetes

*** Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

*** Cerebral Palsy

*** Fybromyalgia

*** Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (RSD)

*** and other peripheral neuropathies

CosySoles - Heated Slippers for Cold Feet

And get this...

Dr. Anne Wirz-Justice did a study that has shown that thermoregulation, the body's heat distribution process, is linked to sleep cycles. Redistributing body heat to the legs and feet can increase sleepiness and help initiate a more restful night’s sleep.

Researchers at the Sleep Laboratory in Switzerland, reported that the degree of blood vessel dilation of the hands and feet are the best predictors for rapid sleep onset. The dilation of blood vessels increases the amount of heat loss. The studies showed that the greater the heat loss, the longer time it took to fall asleep..

Many people who could not sleep because of the pain of cold feet actually wear their CosySoles to bed. We have received many testimonials to confirm the benefits of warm feet and hands!

To see what happy feet people have to say about their Cosy Soles heated slippers, click right here...

CosySoles - Heated Slippers for Cold Feet

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Caregiver: Seeing Your Aging Parent The Way They Were

Caregiving is one of the most demanding roles anyone can undertake. If you are performing as a caregiver now or you know you will be in the near future, there are some techniques you may find useful. The one thing that always helped me when I was feeling stressed or became impatient was this:

Remember your aging parent the way they were.

Before they grew old, they were young. Before their bodies and perhaps their minds turned against them, they were healthy, vibrant and vital. Remember this.

So many of us look at the elderly and see just what's in front of them now. Well, how did they get like this? They lived a long life. They weren't born looking and acting like they are now.

Get out picture albums. Hopefully you have photos from when they were babies, toddlers and growing up. This puts things in perspective! Remember what it was like to be a teenager? They had those same feelings too. They fell in love. They married. They had and loved you. They struggled, laughed and cried.

And on the way, they grew old. We should be grateful. Look at the people who've lost their parents when they were young. That's grief! Our parents don't like what aging has done to their bodies. Imagine what it must feel like. Now they need help.

So when we are frustrated with some detail or feel like caregiving is taking it's toll, go off by yourself for some quiet time and reflect. Think about the person they were before you ever came along.

The way they were...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Seniors In Your Life? Creative Gifts They Really Need And Love Getting!

Silvert's is the place to shop if you are looking for the perfect gift for the senior on you list.

Find gifts for seniors that have everything! Silvert's offers a variety of gift options for the elderly or disabled. Check out Silvert's Gift Guide to help you find the right present at the right price.

And if you want to send a gift to your loved one? They offer gift wrapping and gift certificates.

Click on the banner at the top of the page to make this holiday special for your beloved senior!

Monday, November 29, 2010

How To Take Care Of Aging Parents and Not Kill Your Siblings

Christmas is a time of stress. Good stress and bad stress.
Doesn't matter. Our bodies just know it's stress and acts

This also happens to be the prime time for siblings to
bicker. Especially if there are aging parents involved
who are needing more assistance from their grown

"Reports by caregivers indicated that siblings were
overwhelmingly the most important source of interpersonal

---from a study by sociologists J. Jill Suitor of
Louisiana State University and Karl Pillemer of Cornell

Family dynamics undergo a major change when siblings
are called upon to be caregivers to aging parents.
And that can play havoc on the family unit.

One of the major sources of contention is when there isn't
a fair assignment of responsibilities. It's reported that in
99.9 % of cases studied, one of the siblings takes on most
of the work.

What's up with that? Actually, I'm not surprised. I've seen
it happen over and over with families. It always seems to
fall to one of the siblings.

Would it surprise you to know that the primary caregiver
is a woman? Why wouldn't negative feelings crop up among

They may have been best friends before. Now they are
adversaries. Why wouldn't they be? For some reason, the
ones who do less are the most favored ones! Of course you
feel like throwing in the towel and walking away from your
whole family!

For those old enough to reminds me of an old
comedy show called the Smother's Brother's. One brother
would always look at the other with a look of resigned acceptance
and say, "Well, Mom always liked you better!"

So what can you do to survive with your sanity intact?
If it makes you feel better, siblings report that deep down
they are glad they have each other. They look at the "only child"
as being at a tremendous disadvantage.

Things To Do To Keep Siblings From Homicide

***keep everyone informed

***listen to all points of view

***have family conferences

***get counseling when needed

***vent to friends who have walked the talk

***seek help from local caregiving agencies

***learn to function alone if necessary

***benefit from each other's strengths

For siblings who live close to the aging parents,
this is the most helpful. Find each other's niche.
Do the chores based on your likes.
And please love one another. This is truly a case of
"blood being thicker than water".

And best wishes for a stress-free holiday season!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Black Friday Deals All Weekend On Adaptive Clothing

When a company has been around for 80 years, you know
they are doing something right.

Silvert's have been helping make people's lives easier.
That may sound simple but if you have a medical condition
that affects mobility, it means the world.

If you are in a wheelchair, they make your day. Whatever
your physical problem, Silvert's has the solution to
make your life so much more comfortable. Which in turn
makes the life of the caregiver easier as well!

They are simply the best when it comes to adaptive clothing
for all needs.

Click on the link above to visit Silvert's today!

And Happy Thanksgiving!

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Caregiver Burnout: When You've Lost That Loving Feeling

At this time of year we all seem to be burning the candle at both ends. Life is so busy! And now there's Thanksgiving and Christmas to get ready for! If you are also a caregiver to an aging parent, you're probably feeling more than the usual state of anxiety.

But, please oh please...slow down and take a deep breath. I mean that. You have to. For yourself, okay?

What is a "caregiver"? Someone who is involved in helping someone else manage to carry out the tasks of living. It sounds so simple, doesn't it? For the caregiver, it is anything but easy or simple.

Let's be honest. Being a caregiver is a tough job. Being a caregiver to aging parents is even tougher. Not that we don't love our parents. Of course we do, or trust me, we would not undertake the caregiver role.

It's stressful because of a lifetime of family dynamics. The emotions and memories, happy or sad, have a way of coming to the surface when least expected.

Who knew that providing TLC to loved ones could be this stressful? How stressful is it? Well, caregivers are at an increased risk of depression and burnout.

Symptoms of both tend to mimic each other. One contributes to the other. Sort of the age-old puzzle..."Which comes first? The chicken or the egg?"

~~~Signs of Caregiver Burnout~~~

self criticism
trouble at work
trouble in relationships
substance abuse
feeling overwhelmed
apathy for usual activities

~~~Things To Do For You~~~

always talk with your doctor
vent to support network
speak with therapist
call local senior service organizations
utilize programs to assist caregivers
join support groups
arrange "home care" visitors
get respite care
do not neglect nutrition
try to get at least 7 hours of sleep a night
take time to do something you enjoy
you must find humor in everyday events

Of course, each caregiver's situation is unique. Some may be handling the responsibilities from thousands of miles away. Coordinating and managing elder care over the phone and making visits. Some live near enough to try to run two households.

And, others have one or both aging parents residing with them. Whichever caregiver role you are in charge of, you have to take care of yourself. And I know it's way easier for someone to offer well-meaning advice than it is to carry out.

But you have to try. Depression and burnout are serious conditions. How sad and unfair to have this happen to you when you are trying to make the last years of an aging parent as pleasant as possible.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Aging Parents: When You Are The "Only Child"

Remember this old joke? It takes place in the Garden of Eden.

Eve looks at Adam and asks, "Do you love me, Adam?"

Adam raises his eyebrows and replies, "Who else?"

Who else, indeed? So is the reality for the "only child". From our earliest memories, we were aware of having the "exclusive contract". The one that states that we are "it". The only one to take care of our aging parents.

What a role to be cast in. Of course, we want our parents to live a long time. Then again, we can't kid ourselves. With aging comes physical decline. Sometimes cognitive impairment. And emotional problems.

For the "only child", there is good news. We don't have to deal with sibling pressures. No arguing about choices or who's right and who's wrong.

If you've ever witnessed the bickering and pettiness that can go on in a family to aging parents, you may be glad to be the only one! Nobody's messing with you!

The bad news is there is absolutely no support. You're going it alone. No emotional support. No financial support. Nobody to take turns.

If you've moved your aging parent into your home, there's no sister or brother to show up so you can get away for rest and rejuvenation.

The "only child" is more likely to be sent on a "guilt trip". This can start at an early age. Depending on when your parents grew up will also determine the extent of the guilt trip.

For aging parents who saw no need for women to "have their own life", daughters can pay a huge price in these family dynamics.

The only child thinks twice about moving far away and having their own life. There are no siblings living near the parents to offer support and companionship. This can be a cause for an undercurrent of resentment. Turned inward, the "only child" suffers depression.

If you are married, you can only hope your spouse is supportive. You may be part of the "sandwich generation". Feeling needed by your kids on one side of you and your aging parents on the other side.

Say you are divorced with no kids, like moi, you are not squeezed into sandwich fixins' by others. But, then again, you are truly alone. And you'd better thrive on independence!

For the only child who is the sole caregiver to aging parents, you must reach out to the social support systems available. If not, you will burn out and be no good to yourself or your loved ones.

Find out about home-care workers in your area. These people are a god-send. Not just for the only child but also to the parent who gets more valuable social contact.

Who else? There are others ready to help. You just have to reach out to them...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Aging Parents: The Guilt Will Do You In!

My beautiful Mom died in 2006. I'll never get over it.
She lived with me for many years. And I would not have
had it any other way. We were fortunate that she was able
to be with me.

It was right at the end when we knew she would have to
consider a nursing home. I was devastated. She was devastated.
But we were able to be side-by-side up until her last breath.
I'll cherish these memories for the rest of my life!

I'm guilty. I keep thinking of things I could have done that
would have made her life even easier. Guilt is a terrible
thing. It keeps you awake at night. But I did do my best.

Usually it takes so little to make a big difference. Little
things can mean so much. One of the things that brought a
a smile to Mom's face was her reading table. Her laptop
reading table was a godsend!

She used it when she couldn't get out of bed. She used it
when she was up and sitting in her favorite chair. Mom used
her reading/eating tray for everything!!!

I miss my Mom so much but I'm happy for the memories of
watching her enjoy her tray every day of her life!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking After Your Aging Parent Over The Holidays

Christmas is coming. For many it's a joy-filled time.
For many others, it's a painful time.

For our elderly parents, it can go either way. If they are
spending their first Christmas alone, it can be torture.

Maybe this is their first holiday without a beloved
spouse. Maybe they've changed residences. On the
stress scale, these two life events blow right off the

I was lucky because I was able to have my Mom live
with me right up until her passing. It was a win-win
for both of us.

Maybe you live thousands of miles away from your
loved ones. Now that can be tough.

Remember what is important to your aged parents.
It's not the gifts or decorations. It's all about the emotions
of the holiday.

Visiting with their family is ALL they want, trust me.
Take time and put yourself in their shoes. It's so easy
for these weeks leading up to Christmas to be busy and

Try to quiet yourselves. Do something special for your
Mom or Dad. Take them somewhere that means a lot
to them.

Before you know it, they too, will be gone...

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Snapfon "ez ONE" Cell Phone: Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Elderly Parent

There's nothing more frustrating for someone with
low vision than trying to place a phone call. There
are enough things to complicate our loved one's lives.

For them to have a phone they can use with ease is a
blessing. Easy to carry around. Easy-to-see numbers.
Making life easier for our parents.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Elder Care: The Perfect Christmas Gift For Your Parent

I always tried to find the perfect gift for my Mom.
I never knew what would bring a smile to her face.
The year I found the tray, was the year I saw the
biggest smile.

She used it for everything. When she couldn't
get to the table, it was like a slumber party watching
her enjoy eating in her chair or bed.

Being an avid reader, she enjoyed being able to
have her book perched on her tray.

She used her tray for everything! It made my
day to see how much she enjoyed it. For
the perfect gift for you loved one, check out
the gift at Amazon!

Just click on the graphic...

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Christmas Gifts For Cold Feet

Maybe getting slippers for Christmas sounds cliche but
tell that to any of us who have cold feet. As my mother
used to say, "When my feet are cold, I'm cold all over!"

So if your parent wants to feel toasty all over during
the winter months, consider the Dearfoams Women's

I love how they are high enough to surround the ankles
in warmth.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Depression In The Elderly

Christmas can be the best of times and the worst of times.
Especially with the elderly. It can be a time they think back
over their long lives. It may be a time that triggers a very
sad time. They may have bad memories such as losing a
loved one.

Chances are, many of their friends have passed on. Put
yourself in their shoes. How would YOU feel? When you
see your loved one is feeling sad, please have patience.

Take time to sit and talk with them. Think of ways to try
and engage their thoughts with new things. Many times a
hug and words of love is all it takes to bring a smile.

Christmas is a tough time for many. I feel it's blown
way out of proportion. Too much expectation. Hey,
it's only one day. Just a day. Yet, it can bring on a
serious depression that begins in October and goes into
the new year.

So unfair. Media and commercialism are to blame. We
think we have to feel a certain way and if we don't, there's
something wrong with us.

In the big scheme of things, what is ONE DAY?
Hug, talk and understand. Just feel love.


Monday, October 18, 2010

How To Improve Eyesight In People Of All Ages

Does your loved one have any of these
eye problems?

Near-Sightedness (Myopia)

Lazy Eye (Amblyopia)

Cross-Eye (Strabismus)

Macular Degeneration




Hyperopia (Far-Sightedness)

Presbyopia (Old-Age Sight)



Tension Headache

Light Sensitivity

Poor Night Vision

There is a method where even 80 year-olds have
had their eyesight restored to 20/20 vision.

Without surgery. Without eyeglasses.

Improve Eyesight!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Eldercare: How To Watch Over Loved Ones When You're Not At Home

Get Your Personal Security Cam!

Better late than never...What I wouldn't have
given for this when my Mom was still living!

She was living with me for years before her
death and every minute I was away from her,
I worried.

You know what it's like. You think of all the
things that can go wrong. Even if they never
happen, you still worry. It's the way of the

So if I would have had my hands on something
like this, life would have been so much easier.
I could have checked in on Mom whenever I
felt like it!

Talk about security! Peace of mind!

If you have an elderly parent and you need
to watch over them, take a look at this site.
I'm simply blown away!

Watch Over Loved Ones!

When Elderly Parents Become Depressed During Fall Months

With the end of summer, you may notice your
elderly parents are showing signs of depression.

During the summer months, they probably were
more active. Visiting friends and family. Getting
out for drives. Perhaps vacations and just enjoying
time outdoors.

If you live in the colder climates, our thoughts
are drifting to winter months. Sure, we love fall.
The humidity has lifted. We like the cooler
temperatures and the colorful leaves.

With those thoughts come the not-so-nice ones.
Spending money to heat our environments.
Snowy roads. Icy walkways. Hey, it causes me
to be depressed!

So our elderly parents are starting to feel cabin
fever set in already. They are sad to look ahead to
becoming less mobile than they were in the
summer months.

Of course, this all has to do with how your
own parents are health-wise. The more dependent
they are, depression is something to watch out for.

Put yourself in their shoes. It just ain't no fun!
Picture how YOU would feel. And please
don't lose patience.

Trust me. They will be leaving you all too soon.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Caring for Aging Parents

Finally! A guide to help caregivers! I knew if I kept looking,
one would appear. And it is affordable!

Click Here!