Saturday, October 13, 2007

Your Aging Parent: How To Remember The Past

It can be difficult caring for a parent.
From tying shoelaces to bathing. Many
times you'll wonder how it all came down
to this.

These are frustrating times. For you.
And for your parent. They too, remember
how it was before their bodies failed them.

A great thing to do for everyone is to
remember the past. When your parent
was healthy.

Gather up pictures of your parent when
they were young. In their prime. Put
the photos out where you can see them.

Make a collage or scrapbook. Find pictures
of your parent as they went through their
life. As a child, a teenager, a newlywed, a
young mother, etc...

It can be beneficial and heartwarming for
both of you to sit together and look at
the pictures.

It's a great reminder of why you are your
parent's caregiver now.