Tuesday, February 3, 2009

7 Signs You May Soon Become A Caregiver To Your Aging Parents

The Guide To Caring For Parents!

With people living longer, the chances are good
that you will be called upon to be in a caregiving
role for your aging parents.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed when you think
of the responsibility. So what do you look for?
When do you start caring for parents?

Signs to watch for...

1. Your once vibrant dad is now being plagued
with a lot of little health problems. Just enough
to hamper his lifestyle.

2. You find bank statements and unpaid bills
laying on your parents' desk unopened when
they were once really diligent about paying on

3. Loss of interest in the hobbies or regular socializing
your loved one normally does. Could be depression...

4. Regular household chores are not being done
such as mowing the lawn, washing dishes or fixing
a leak in the sink.

5. There is not an adequate food supply present to
feed your ailing parent or they become inattentive
when cooking or baking, burning food. Or burning

6. Grooming and hygiene have become slack.

7. Being distracted and inattentiveness in your loved

Keep checking on your elderly parents. If you live
far away from them, make arrangements with a
friend, relative or neighbor to be your liaison.

The Guide To Caring For Parents!