Sunday, October 24, 2010

Christmas Depression In The Elderly

Christmas can be the best of times and the worst of times.
Especially with the elderly. It can be a time they think back
over their long lives. It may be a time that triggers a very
sad time. They may have bad memories such as losing a
loved one.

Chances are, many of their friends have passed on. Put
yourself in their shoes. How would YOU feel? When you
see your loved one is feeling sad, please have patience.

Take time to sit and talk with them. Think of ways to try
and engage their thoughts with new things. Many times a
hug and words of love is all it takes to bring a smile.

Christmas is a tough time for many. I feel it's blown
way out of proportion. Too much expectation. Hey,
it's only one day. Just a day. Yet, it can bring on a
serious depression that begins in October and goes into
the new year.

So unfair. Media and commercialism are to blame. We
think we have to feel a certain way and if we don't, there's
something wrong with us.

In the big scheme of things, what is ONE DAY?
Hug, talk and understand. Just feel love.