Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking After Your Aging Parent Over The Holidays

Christmas is coming. For many it's a joy-filled time.
For many others, it's a painful time.

For our elderly parents, it can go either way. If they are
spending their first Christmas alone, it can be torture.

Maybe this is their first holiday without a beloved
spouse. Maybe they've changed residences. On the
stress scale, these two life events blow right off the

I was lucky because I was able to have my Mom live
with me right up until her passing. It was a win-win
for both of us.

Maybe you live thousands of miles away from your
loved ones. Now that can be tough.

Remember what is important to your aged parents.
It's not the gifts or decorations. It's all about the emotions
of the holiday.

Visiting with their family is ALL they want, trust me.
Take time and put yourself in their shoes. It's so easy
for these weeks leading up to Christmas to be busy and

Try to quiet yourselves. Do something special for your
Mom or Dad. Take them somewhere that means a lot
to them.

Before you know it, they too, will be gone...