Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nursing Homes: The Hardest Part About Caring For Your Aging Parent

Nursing Homes...

Let's face it. Nobody ever wants to
be in the position of needing nursing
home care.

We hope we never need to go into a
nursing home. We hope we don't have
to see our loved ones in a nursing home.

But, there are times when it can't be
avoided. One of the main reasons for
your aging parent to need to reside in
a nursing home is that they require
around-the-clock care. Something you
are unable to provide.

If your parent is bed-ridden, the demands
of caregiving exceed what you are
capable of giving.

If your aging parent suffers from Alzheimer's,
in the advanced stages, especially, they need nursing
home care for their own safety.

It will be the hardest decision you'll have to
make. Heart-wrenching. Naturally, you'll
be doing a great deal of research to find
the best place you are able to for your loved one.

There is help available within your community.
Take advantage of every resource and referral
agency before making your choice. Remember,
the squeaky wheel does indeed get the grease!

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