Thursday, August 9, 2007

What Does Aging Look Like?

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Aging. Nobody looks forward to the process.
But, as the saying goes, look at the alternative!

There are two kinds of aging:
Primary and secondary...

No, we don't get to pick which one we'll take.
We're going to get both.

Primary Aging

This is all about genetics. Here's
where we can blame someone else. Or thank
our parents for their great genes.

It's like pre-ordained coding that our bodies
follow. That's why medical doctors want to
know your family's medical history when
it's all about you.

Secondary Aging

This is when the systems of the body simply
slow down. And, where, in many cases, we
get to blame ourselves.

A healthy lifestyle will delay the effects of
secondary aging. Not stop. Just slow down.
You've heard it all before...
Healthy diet, exercise, no smoking, etc...

So as we take care of our aging parents, it
will be a learning experience of what's in
store for us. And when we think of it in
that way, we tend to have more patience
through the rough times of being caregivers.

Warmest thoughts,