Sunday, September 23, 2007

Aging Parents: How To Help The Caregiver

Being a caregiver is hard work. Are you
a friend or family member of someone who
is the sole caregiver to an elderly parent?

If so, you have probably said many times,
"If there's ever anything I can do to help,
just let me know." Right?

How many times did the caregiver take you
up on that generous offer? I'm guessing not
many. That's because it's hard for so many
people to come right out and ask for help.
They feel they should be doing it all by
themselves. And, that's asking for major

If you really want to help your friend, the
caregiver, you will need to offer concrete

***Tips On Being A Caregiver's Best Friend***

1. If you going to the grocery store, call them
and say, " I'm heading out for groceries. Is
there anything I can pick up for you? "

2. " I have to pick up items and prescriptions at
the pharmacy. Can I pick up anything for you?"

3. " I'm going to the dry-cleaners. Do you need
anything dropped off? "

4. If your friend has pets that maybe aren't getting
their usual TLC, offer to take the dogs for a walk.
Or drop by and give extra attention to the cats.

4. Call up sometime and say, " I have several hours
to spare. Why don't I come over and you take
the time to get out of the house? Go do something
you really want to do."

5. If you've noticed yard work that should be done,
jump in and do it.

6. Offer to take the care receiver out for the afternoon.

These are just a few ideas. By now, you're probably
thinking of many more. I can't begin to express how
happy and grateful your friend will feel when you offer
to do things in this manner.

You may have to go revive them. They may pass out
from sheer gratitude.

Here's to being a good friend,