Friday, September 21, 2007

Elder Care: When Your Parents Have To Leave Their Home

I can still see the pain and tears on my
mother's face when she left the home
she'd lived in since she was a bride.

Even though she was moving in with me
and my then-husband, which was what
she wanted, the sadness was gut-wrenching.

But, she couldn't live alone. We lived too
far away to be there for her everyday. She
had many health issues and wasn't able to
manage on her own. Emotionally, as well,
being alone was not an option.

When the time comes to evaluate if one or
both parents can't manage in their own
home on a day-to-day basis, it won't be easy.

Many of our parents can stay in their own
homes with the help of a home-support worker
dropping by.

They can do housework, laundry and help with

But, when safety becomes an issue, you have
to step in. If our parents have health problems
that cause forgetfulness they have to be helped
to understand the things that can happen that
can lead to dire events.

Whatever the reason they have to leave, please
keep in mind the emotional trauma they will
be going through. Put yourself in their shoes.

Whether they will be moving into an assisted-
living facility or with a son or daughter, life as
they have known it for years is going to change.

It will take kindness and patience to help guide
them through this life milestone.

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Take care of yourself,