Saturday, December 8, 2007

Caregivers: When There's Not Enough Money

There were times Mom and I had it rough
financially. Unexpected things would come
up and they always seemed to take money.

This got me thinking of other caregivers.
There are many in the so-called "sandwich

On one side of them are their teenagers and
the other their parents who need them more
with each passing year. We all know how much
money it takes to provide just the necessities
for a family, much less luxuries!

And if you happen to be divorced and doing it
all alone, there are times you truly feel abandoned.

If being a caregiver means you have an aging parent
living with you and you can't work outside the home,
it can be difficult.

I came across something today that I would have
given anything for many years ago. It is a way
to make money at home. A legitimate way to make
money. A real home based business opportunity.

One in which you have flexibility in the hours you
choose to work. Now of course this would depend
on the health of your parent. And to what degree
you have to be "on watch".

Obviously, it would be impossible if you were taking
care of an Alzheimer's patient. But, then again, you
and only you know what is possible in your given

The other requirement is to have a "quiet room"
to do this job. No barking dogs or loud teenagers
when you are "at work". You have to be professional.

If this sounds like something you'd like to look into,
you can learn more about it right here...

For many caregivers, we get so wrapped up in
other people, we forget how to look after ourselves
and our own needs. Caregiver burnout is one thing
a caregiver has to be aware of at all times.

Best wishes,