Monday, December 3, 2007

Grieving The Holidays

This is the second Christmas without my Mom.
All year I like to say, "It's just another day. Put
your mind into perspective!"

Then the calender gets turned to December and
even though I fight it, I slip into a depression.
You see, my mother resided with me for years.
She didn't want to go into a nursing home and
as long as it was possible for her to be with me,
I didn't want to face that decision either.

Luckily, we were together til the end. I do
count myself lucky for all the years we did have
together. But, as you all know, there's something
about Christmas. It's the one day that tugs on
every heart string you have.

I'm divorced, no siblings or children, so I truly
do feel alone. My network of loving friends sustain
me. Still, my last thought as I drift off to sleep at
night is always about my Mom.

For all those who have had to say goodbye to an
aging parent this year, think of the special times,
hold on to your loved ones and cry when you need

The first Christmas without them is hard. I try
to fill my head with good thoughts and move one
foot at a time. As they say....the days will pass.

Merry Christmas, Mom...
Love, Karen