Sunday, December 12, 2010

Aging Parents: What To Get Them For Christmas When They Say They Don't Need Anything?

We know that the one thing our aging parents want for Christmas is for their family to all be together. During the holiday season, many of our elderly silently wonder to themselves, "Will this be my last Christmas?"

We want to make it special for them. If you live a long way from your parents and can't make it to be by their sides, make a special call. If you have a web cam, make use of that. Maybe arrange for your folks to be near one at an appointed time. They'd love to see your face.

If you live nearby, you can be right there to enjoy the warmth of the season with them. If they live with you as my mother did, you're cooking with gas! The companionship means more to them than anything you could give them.

With that said, we love to give Christmas presents. Even though they say they have everything they need, they usually forget about the items that can make their daily lives more comfortable.

Just the task of dressing can be frustrating and painful if you're afflicted with mobility problems. Now there are places online where you can buy adaptive clothing. (See banner above)

If your parent still lives in their own home, medical alert response aids are a life-saver. Literally. (See side banner)

If they're in a nursing home, there are always items that the home may not supply that can be welcomed. Anything from body lotions, lip balm, special pillows, throw, lights, etc. Just visiting with them, and putting yourself in their place, you'll come up with dozens of Christmas gift ideas!

And remember the most important thing to them is your love. Give them a big hug and kiss. Merry Christmas!