Friday, February 29, 2008

Aging Parents and The "Only Child"

Can you say "only child" and "guilt"? Hmmm,
you're feeling guilty, aren't you?

My Mom passed away in May 2006. I'm still
guilty! And I worry. About everything. I used to
think I'd outgrow it. I'm still waiting. And I'm OLD!

Seems to me I had these same emotions when I
was 10 years old. That's when I knew. That I was
the one they were going to depend on "in their
old age".

We "only children" have it both good and bad.

There are no siblings to argue with over what should
be done for our parents and who is going to do it. Good!
There are no siblings to share the load and give you
a hug and emotional support we so desperately need
at this time. That's bad!
Then when we have to say the final "Goodbye", we
go home alone. If you have a partner or children of
your own, they become your lifeline.

If like me, you're divorced/no kids, you are alone.
This is why for the "only child", you must look for all
available help. Call every agency in your area and find
out what services are there for you and your aging parent.
You may be very surprised.

I waited too long. Thought I could do it all myself. But
as Mom became more feeble and unable to do things
for herself, it was heaven to have the help provided in
the community. Don't wait. Even if you don't need help
right now, at least check them out. They will guide you.
So when you both need outside assistance, it's there for you.

Here are two resources you may find right for you...

The CareGiver Community