Sunday, February 24, 2008

Grieving Process: How Can Anyone Really Help?

Grieving...The hardest part of life's certainties.

If we live and love, we will grieve. Even if the
person we grieve for happens to die at 100, we
always wish for just one more good-bye.

Of course, the absolute worst grief comes when
a parent has to grieve their child. If the child is
stricken with a disease or dies in an accident, it's
horrendous enough. When a child is murdered...
how does anyone ever wrap their minds around that?

I've been fixated on the grieving process, especially
in these last few weeks. A 12 year old child from our
community was murdered. Even people who never
even met her are now in the grieving process.

If someone we know are grieving, how can we help?
How can we help ourselves? When my Mom passed
away, the most comfort to me was just to be hugged.

Or having a phone call, knowing someone cared enough
to let me talk my feelings out. No matter how much
time passes, those gestures are always remembered
by the person in grief.

But many find it hard to comfort someone. They don't
want to say or do the wrong thing. So they do nothing.

If you are at a loss of how to help someone who has
lost a loved one, please...just give them a long substantial

Being part of this community that is now reeling from
this child's murder, has caused me to look for some
sort of help.

"Is There Anything I Can Do?" is a beautifully written
guide to understanding what to do to help someone
you know and love through the grieving process.

If you'd like to take a look...
Click Here!

And remember, never turn away because you're afraid.
Open your arms and gather them to you. Our town is
doing a lot of that since February 14th....