Sunday, February 10, 2008

Caregivers and Feeling Alone

The CareGiver Community

Being a caregiver can be a very lonely time.
Your friends may not even know what you're
going through or dealing with.

Sometimes we feel we should be able to handle
it all on our own. But, this can lead to depression.

As more and more people are becoming caregivers
because of the aging population, thankfully, there
are people out there who care enough to offer
help and "community".

The CareGiver Community

When I was my Mom's caregiver, I didn't know
about this wonderful, supportive site shown to
me by my dearest friend.

You'll want to visit this site if you are caring for
an aging parent, a child, a family member,

If I could have my mother back and do it all
again, I wouldn't try to go it alone. I would make
use of all the help available. I would have been
happier and healthier. And I know it would have
been an added blessing to Mom.

Don't live with my regrets. It will be too late,
all too soon.

The CareGiver Community