Monday, February 21, 2011

Caring For The Caregiver: How To Avoid Burnout

Stress is a nasty beast. It can build up as we go along with our lives and we don't even know it's visiting us. Until it's too late. As a caregiver to an aging parent, we have to be on high alert. Even during the best of times, looking after elderly loved ones brings a certain amount of stress.

Ways To Avoid Burnout

*** Signs of stress are sleep disorders, anger issues, anxiety, headaches and depression. Keep tabs on yourself and identify these signs early on.

*** Have someone to confide in. Someone you trust like a good friend. If you have someone going through the same thing as you or has in the past, so much the better. It's so true that you can't really understand something unless you've experienced it yourself.

*** Manage your responsibilities. Be realistic. You can't get everything done at once. Be easy on yourself. Please don't get yourself into the GUILT trap.

*** Get respite care set up. If not from a service in your area, then get a friend or relative to step in so you can have some time for yourself.

*** Have time for yourself everyday. Turn off all thoughts of responsibilities and "perfection" and go to your "happy place"!

*** If you have severe burnout and depression, please, please seek professional help!