Thursday, July 19, 2007

Aging Parents: How To Deal With The Guilt Trip

The Guilt Trip. Anyone with parents have
taken that little trip at one time or other.

Yes, there are parents who feel it's crucial
to instill a sense of guilt in their children,
whatever age their children happen to be.

You can be 10 or 65, and parents have the
ability to cause us that emotional grief and

Some lay it on sweetly. Others are more
confrontational. Doesn't matter. It can be
a painful experience.

Family dynamics are touchy enough. Adding
guilt to the mix can backfire and cause a
permanent rift.

Some parents lay on the trip when they become
older. Maybe because they are scared of what
the future holds.

Other parents have thought it was a necessary
parenting skill. I don't think the "kids" ever
get over it.

When it comes to caring for our elderly parents,
whether at a distance or up close and personal,
as in them residing with you, the issue of guilt
causes tension and is counterproductive.

We don't need to be "guilted" into loving anyone.
It just doesn't work. But, I hear you!
"Tell that to my parents!"

The saddest thing is that even when they are gone,
we still carry the guilt.

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From the always guilt-riddled Karen...