Wednesday, July 18, 2007

How To Care For Aging Parents: The "Only Child"

Caring for aging parents when you are
an "only child" can be totally overwhelming.

The good're not dealing with sibling
pressures. Arguing over decisions, one person
feeling like they are doing more than the other, etc..

The bad part...there is no support. Of any kind.
Yes, you have friends. But in a situation like this,
you will understand the saying, "blood is thicker
than water".

From your earliest memories, you come to know
it's YOU who has the exclusive contract of
caring for your aging parents. A contract
you know you'll have to carry out or live with
the shame and guilt.

It reminds me of the lame joke about Eve asking
Adam if he loves her. His reply..."Who else?"

Who else, indeed?

As the "only one", you have to be prepared.
If you live thousands of miles away, what will
you do when the time comes when one or both
parents cannot look after themselves?

Will you give up life as you know it and move
to them? Will you have them relocate close to you?
Have them move in with you?

All these questions are life-altering and gut-wrenching.
They aren't to be taken lightly. Too much depends
on your choices.

***Things to consider***

  • your marriage
  • your children
  • your work
  • your lifestyle
  • your finances
  • your health
  • the health of your family

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