Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nursing Homes: The Hardest Decision For Caregivers To Make

Nursing Homes...

"I'm not going to a nursing home!" How many
times did my dear mother exclaim that?

She resided with me and that was where she
was staying. Subject was closed as far as she
was concerned.

I lived in constant fear. Especially the last 5 years
of Mom's life. She suffered mini-strokes. If she
had a debilitating stroke, I knew I would have no
choice but to move her into a nursing home.
God forbid!

I also made sure she knew many years ahead of
time that if she developed Alzheimer's, I would
be unable to care for her. Subject closed as far
as I was concerned.

We were lucky. Mom remained with me, had a
major stroke, went into coma and died the next
day in the hospital.

She did it her way. And everyday since her passing
last year, I count our blessings.

For those of you with aging parents who have no
choice but to consider nursing home care, I'm so
sorry. It is the most gut-wrenching decision you'll
make in your lifetime.

There are times the decision is out of your hands.
Your parent enters a hospital and the medical staff
will tell you in no uncertain terms that your aging
parent now requires round the clock nursing care.

But for other caregivers, you watch your loved ones
decline in physical, mental and emotional health and
you are forced to make the decision.

It may be sudden or you see it coming and have time
to prepare and research. Check with your local library.
You'll have better luck there than bookstores. (Not a
sexy mover for bookstores) Also check Amazon.

I've found an eBook you may find helpful. You can read
about here...

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Bless you,