Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Aging Parents: Remember The Good Old Days?

Have you heard stories of "the old days"?
You know, back when family members all
lived together? Generation after generation?

If you were lucky you heard these history
lessons from grandparents or great-grandparents.

There was the "homestead". Babies were
born there. The midwife may have been a
neighbor or the mother-in-law.

The many children grew up with parents,
grandparents and siblings. The grandparents
died. The children married.

Maybe they built their own home close by
or simply moved their bride or groom into
the "family home". The parents became the
grandparents and the circle of life continued.

So help me Hannah, but things have changed!
The biggest difference is life expectancy.
The circle of life has beaten a new path to our door.

In the "old days" there were always family to
take care of each other. Now, family members
may be scattered across the planet.

Words our great-grandparents never heard of
are elder care, assisted living, nursing homes,
long term health care and baby boomers!

Whether we live across the street or in another
country, our parents are aging. They may not like
it but they will need our help.

They may even fight us. And, we may get a
kick out of saying, "But it's for your own good!"

Elder care isn't to be taken lightly. This is serious stuff,
folks. Life and death. You should be prepared for all

Waiting until you get the call in the middle of the
night which sends you racing to the nearest hospital
or the nearest airport will be adding more anxiety
to an already over-the-top stressful life event.

Do your research on elder care. Talk with your
parents. Whether they are in their own homes,
in an assisted living facility or facing nursing home
care, there are things that can be done to make this
transition for your parents as dignified as possible.

Remember, chances are you will be needing the same
tender, loving care someday...

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