Monday, July 16, 2007

Baby Boomers Become Parents...Again

Elder Care

The subject nobody wants to think about.
Not the baby boomers. Especially not the

Our parents were once vital, energetic,
hard working people. They nurtured us,
protected us and loved us.

Then, in what seems like a blink of an eye,
they became old.

It's no fun for them either! They remember
when they were 30 years old. Now they seem
to be held hostage by an aging body that
seems alien to them.

Over time, the effects took hold. The
strength they had is now gone. Hearing and
eyesight are on the decline. Balance is off.
And, these are just the normal, everyday
aging symptoms.

When you add the age-related illnesses that
they may succumb to, it breaks our hearts.

They can't manage home maintenance. You don't
want to see them behind the wheel. You notice
their memory is not what it should be.

You're a member of The Aging Parents Club.

You may live next door, across the country or in
another country altogether. But when the time
comes when we have to admit our parents are in
need of assistance, we are the ones they look to.

In so doing, they are made to feel helpless. It's
up to us to make their transition as smooth as

You're in transition, too. From the daughter or
son to caregiver. To parenting your parents.

And with it comes an avalanche of questions.

When do we have "the talk" with them?
Do they need a nursing home? Assisted living?

What is they have dementia? What are their
health problems? If you live close by, it's
easier to assess the situation. But what if you
live thousands of miles away? What do you do?

The first thing is to take a real hard look at
the situation. See it for what it is. And,
remember to be firm. Because, their pride
has been attacked. Their bodies betrayed

You'll also hope you do it well. Because if you
have children, they'll be watching. How you treat
your aging parents will be a lens on how you
will be treated by your children.

Let's show love and respect for our elderly.
This will also happen to us!

The most important thing to remember is to
start your research now. When you make
decisions in a crisis, chances are, they will not
be the best ones for you or your parents.

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